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UEFA Euro 2012

JCSuperSka wins the Black Pennant for Euro 2012!

Final Update - 2 Jul

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1. JCSuperSka
5. R.samwise
6. Czech Euroself
7. Fluffy
8. Real Sporting FC United
10. Fahtay Oakunks

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Talk about a close finish. Not only did our outcome hinge on the last match - in some games our winner has already clinched by then - but we had four possible champions, depending on the final score.

Futbol Flunkie needed a straight win by Italy. That didn't happen.

GO FRANCE and FRANCE IS THE BEST needed a Spanish win, plus a combined goal total of less than three. That didn't happen.

JCSuperSka needed a Spanish win, plus two goals to have a toss-up with the two Caps Lock French supporters, or at least three to win it outright. Once Spain took a 3-0 lead, it was all but clinched. Spain/Ska could only lose if Italy somehow scored three or more unanswered goals. Turns out, Spain tacked on another one for good measure, giving JCSuperSka first place via tiebreaker. JCSuperSka, in little more than a month's time, has become a two time champion Hall of Famer! Congratulations!

Special shout out to Xiamen Typhoons for correctly guessing the total goal count of 76.

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UEFA Euro is the quadrennial event to determine the top footballing nation in Europe. This year the matches are taking place in various cities throughout Poland and Ukraine. The sixteen qualified nations were divided into four 'pots' based on their UEFA coefficient/ranking. (As hosts, Poland and Ukraine were automatically placed into pot 1.) One team from each pot was then placed into Group A, B, C, or D. Each team plays the others in their group, round robin style. The top two teams from each group move on to the single-match quarterfinals and semis, with the final in Kiev on 1 Jul.

Group A
Group B
Poland (pot 1)
Netherlands (pot 1)
Russia (pot 2)
Germany (pot 2)
Greece (pot 3)
Portugal (pot 3)
Czech Republic (pot 4)
Denmark (pot 4)
Group C
Group D
Spain (pot 1)
Ukraine (pot 1)
Italy (pot 2)
England (pot 2)
Croatia (pot 3)
Sweden (pot 3)
Ireland (pot 4)
France (pot 4)

Here you can see the group standings, while here is a sexy interactive chart to see upcoming matches.

You choose one team from each of the four pots, for a total of four.

Goal in Group Stage = 1 point
Advance to Quarterfinals = 5 points

Goal in Quarterfinals = 2 points
Advance to Semifinals = 10 points

Goal in Semifinals = 5 points
Advance to Final = 25 points

Goal in Final = 10 points
Win Euro 2012 = 50 points

When choosing your teams, you will want to consider who plays who in the Group Stage. For instance, you could select Poland, Russia, Greece, and the Czechs. But since they are all in Group A, only two of them can advance to the quarters. Yes, this strategy guarantees you at least 10 points, but limits how many teams can continue to earn points for you.


Total number of goals scored in the entire 31-match tournament. Further tiebreaker determined by random draw.


First prize is the custom-stitched Black Pennant with your team names and colors.

Until then, see who Jason Statham picks to win it all, and let it ride.

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